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Nippon Verkko Oy
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33200 Tampere, Finland
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Tel. +3583 366 4230
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For years Nippon Verkko Oy have been specialized for manufacturing different kind of surveynets. Our products in this area are for example the following two surveynets, but we also manufacture other kind of surveynets based on the needs of our customer. Please feel free to ask us, for an offer to your case/needs!

Nordic Surveynet

These surveynets are manufactured in Finland using Japanese top class Fukui-nets.

Panel order
Mesh (mm)4319,56,251055812,52415,553529
Twine ø0,200,150,100,120,230,100,120,150,150,100,160,16
Total Length:30m (12*2,5m)   Upper Rope:
Lower Rope:
7g/m * 30m
22g/m * 33m

Surveynet Coastal

Panel order
Mesh (mm)301538104812246019
Twine ø0,150,150,150,150,170,150,150,200,15
Total Length: 45m (9*5m)   Upper Rope:
Lower Rope:
7g/m * 45m
22g/m * 49,5m

We will also manufacture otherkinds on surveynets and kombinationnets by users instructions. Feel free to contact us!